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The Sacred Art of Bathing

The Sacred Art of Bathing


Saturday, April 22

5 - 8 pm


One of the most powerful forms of healing and self care is a simple Bath. Hydrotherapy has been treasured by many cultures and considered as integral to one's health as sleep, nourishment, and exercise. Bathing can raise vitality, nourish youthfulness, bring balance to all manner of ailments, and refresh the Spirit as deeply as it cleanses the physical body. While public bathhouses are, sadly, few and far between in the Western world, the experience you can create in your own home has the potential to surpass even the most elaborate and expensive spa. In this class, in addition to learning about specific practices for traditional and improvised healing baths, you will learn how to employ herbal infusions, flower essences, mineral salts, and crystals to deepen the restorative power of your bathwater. After the class, we will convene at El Cosmico's epic Wood Fired Dutch Baths to experience four different alchemical preparations—one in each tub—and luxuriate in the fading light of the majestic West Texas desert. 


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